Friday, June 30, 2006

Nostalgia Is My Business, And Business Is Good

The exciting sequel to Megadeth: Smith Corona Days Revisited!

This video clip was recently posted on YouTube: Megadeth @ The Keystone Berkeley - April 1984 with Kerry King of Slayer on 2nd guitar.

In another classic Metal Geek outburst, the video caused an e-mail firestorm amongst Umlaut's Old Metal Bruthas:

UMLAUT: WOAHHH....... I was there...... I've NEVER seen this!! Megadeth - Berkeley 1984 with Kerry King.

BIG WAYNE: It's Keystone Berkeley for sure. Look at the stage pole!

UMLAUT: Look at all the headbanging! I have pics from the soundcheck before this gig.. Will dig 'em up.

(Pics by Umlaut)

TED: where are these master videos?

UMLAUT: I have no idea.... I never knew the show was even filmed until today!

BRAD: I have visions of Sean Smithson and his big friend, Mr. Cuevas and myself guzzling a bottle of Smirnoff Blue label on the grassy knoll of the hospital parking lot before the gig then badgering Brian for the guest list - which he was waiting for from someone else.. Lee, the drummer, was a 19-year old from Kansas City who broke a cast off of his fractured foot to play this gig. He was booted from the band a week or two later. Didn't a female fronted Sentinel Beast open this show?

No matter how many years go by, when I see the parking lot off of Shattuck behind the hospital I think of being horribly drunk on the worst tasting (IMO) 100 proof vodka in the world. (Yes, I did throw up at some point during the evening. Never drank blue label again.) I think this was the first time I was backstage before a band I came to see played. Being sozzled definitely helped mask my disappointment at the time.

UMLAUT: Once again Brad's amazing photographic memory comes through! I forget the time frame... but when was the time Megadeth played the Keystone Palo Alto? When they had that HUGE plywood drum riser (as seen in the YouTube vid) and the Keystone stage manager raised a stink about it. It was ridiculous... It weighed a TON (and a half).

Rattle your f*cking head.

STEVE: So drunk in fact that the headbangers in question almost started a fight with an innocent passerby (who probably woulda kicked all our asses). Cuevas and Smithson were so soused they traded jackets. Smithson got the (not all that cool) leather, Cuevas the denim. And I still say denim is more metal than leather (discuss amongst yourselves) I could stash more recording equipment in the many pockets...

The Palo Alto gig: Kerry King was wearing gigantic black-metal spikes all over. He looked like he was in GWAR. It was a storming show though.

Mustaine got me and Brad in for free. I had written him a letter requesting a demo. He was so pleased with the positive message that he not only sent the demo of his "new band", but wrote a long drunken note about how appreciative he was of fans and how fucked Metallica was. Then said to look for him before the show in PA. We did, and he was and he did (He was wearing a sweater by the way). I lost the letter, pathetic archivist that I am. And the demo. But at least no one called us fags (at least not that night)

MICKI: I used to have the entire show on video!

DRUNK TED: Well if I remember from the bootleg tapes I had of those first shows, I believe it was 4/15/84. The first 2 shows were 2/17 and 2/19 of '84. Then they did 3 more (also with Kerry King) in April (I believe it was the 15, 16, & 17th)

Of course you guys would know more, being there and all that!

UMLAUT: The geeks shall inherit the Earth....

TOUR MANAGER DOUG: I have the entire April 15, 1984 Keystone Megadeth show on video. Twice. Two different cameras. I'll get it to Mr. Umlaut who will be responsible for copies.

From the Doug archives :
  • 2/17/84 - Berkeley, CA - Ruthies: Megadeth / Trouble / Abattoir
  • 2/19/84 -San Francisco, CA - The Stone: Megadeth / Abattoir / Brocus Helm / Recluse / Black Leather
  • 3/09/84 - San Francisco, CA - On Broadway: G.B.H. / Crime +4
  • 3/17/84 - Berkeley, CA - Ruthies: Slayer / Black Leather
  • 3/19/84 - Santa Rosa, CA - Steele / Deadly Blessing
  • 3/20/84 - Santa Rosa, CA - Veterans Memorial: Ted Nugent / Scanner
  • 3/22/84 - San Francisco, CA - Kabuki: M.S.G.
  • 3/30/84 - Berkeley, CA - Ruthies: Exodus / Vicious Rumors / Temptress
  • 4/15/84 - San Francisco, CA - The Stone: Megadeth / Razors Edge / Empire
  • 4/16/84 - Santa Rosa, CA - Veterans Memorial: Saxon / Accept
  • 4/17/84 - San Francisco, CA - Warfield Theater: Saxon / Accept
  • 4/18/84 - San Jose, CA - Civic: Accept
  • 4/18/84 - San Francisco, CA - The Stone: Megadeth / Steele +1
UMLAUT: Shite... I was at all of those except the Santa Rosa shows and GBH (with CRIME!? Doh..).. but Wayne and I saw GBH at around the same time with 7 Seconds at the Keystone Palo Alto.. We were so young and Metal: 4/18/84 - The legendary Metal Doubleheader day / night!

LAURALOHA: How come I was at all these shows and I didn't know any of you people???? I guess you didn't talk to chicks back then.... LOL. You guys are killing me with this thread.....

TOUR MANAGER DOUG: I was easy to spot, no other DEVO shirts within a mile.

TED: they didn't talk to chicks with feathered red mullets.

UMLAUT: METAL was my girlfriend... and it was a demanding beeotch... but it was HOT.

LAURALOHA: the mullet was blonde back natural color, of course......and I did have the parachute pants thing going yes, perhaps you are right, they did not talk to large chicks in parachute pants with mullets.......i really need to dig up some of these pictures......the visuals are so much more exciting.....

Fast forward to the 21st Century: Umlaut's friends know that I've come full circle with Megadeth via the power of "The Resume".. No matter where you go, there you are. Too fawkin' weird, man.