Monday, July 24, 2006

Black Kitty

Skychick noticed the Black Kitty in our yard yesterday when I was still in San Diego at GeekFest. It didn't take Skychick long to catch Black Kitty and begin the process of socializing her and planning to get her adopted. We had visions of the same success we'd had with our Eddie and his sister Simone, who were both captured as feral kittens.

Black Kitty had pretty eyes but was very tiny; we figured she was maybe 3-4 weeks old. She was also very skinny, didn't eat very much, and seemed very lethargic. It was obvious Black Kitty wasn't well.

Skychick called the SPCA this morning for advice. Black Kitty was probably severely dehydrated, no doubt due to the current extended heatwave here. They suggested an immediate course of action to save Black Kitty.

Sad story short: Black Kitty passed away in Skychick's lap this afternoon. At least her final day was in comfort and safety and she was part of The Family, if only for a very short time.

Rest in peace, Black Kitty.