Sunday, July 09, 2006


I know what alot of you are saying, "Is Soccer OVER yet??!" It's true, this space has been dominated by The World Cup for the past month, so it's time for Umlaut to get back to business:

In you're in the Bay Area next weekend you should go see those Death Metal Geeks from Seattle BlöödHag:

Saturday - July 15, 2006
Berkeley Central Library
Community Meeting Room, 3rd Floor
2090 Kittredge Street @ Shattuck
Berkeley, CA
- Cost: FREE

BlöödHag play short Death Metal songs about Science Fiction authors. Be there or be illiterate! If you see me be sure and say "HIGH".

H.P. Lovecraft by BlöödHag
He was little known until he died
'Cuz the real demons were behind his eyes
And his tortured mind could never thought
Of the extent his mental health had wrought
A dozen shitty movies only two I saw
At least one song by Metallica
Aleister Crowley even believed that crap
You fucked my mind H.P. Lovecraft
You started writing for Weird Tales
All you wanted was sex you got straight hell
I stole my first from Waldenbooks at the mall
And then I heard Cthulhu's Call
Other writers jumped on your boat
Even you weren't scared of what you wrote
You told of monsters lurking in the mist
'Cause you daddy died of syphilis