Monday, August 07, 2006

Marrs Landing

As I've said a million times, you never know when the Rock Godz will send blessings your way. Case in point: Umlaut hasn't seen or spoken to Dave & Sheila Marrs in almost 15 years. They're Old Metal friends from the very, very earliest days. Trivia: Dave was a member of Metallica's first road crew dating back to before James and Lars relocated to San Francisco from L.A..

From the inner sleeve of the Ride The Lightning album.
Dave is circled.

Imagine Umlaut's shock when he received an e-mail from Marrs (pun intended) this weekend.. 15 years gone, man. Amazing.

Kids, let this be a lesson: If you want to find dirt on your parents' past, Google their name! Evidently that's what happened in the Marrs household, and the search yielded THIS item on Papa Marrs.

Is there life on Marrs? Indeed.