Friday, August 11, 2006

Random Rock Star Moment #13: Kerry King

Submitted by Old Metal Sheila & Dave:

I'd say about 4 months ago, Dave and our daughter Candace were at Target here in Riverside (California); they were picking up school stuff for her.

Dave was walking down the bedding aisle and he looked at this guy, and said "No way." My daughter was like "What?"

He told her "I'm pretty sure that's Kerry King." She was like "Who?" She is not our Metal Kid; she's off in her own little music world LOL.

Anyway, Dave told her it was the guitar player from Slayer... She was like "Don't you know them (Slayer)?" He said "Well, I haven't seen them in a long time. I'm sure he doesn't remember me." So they continued to shop; David was not 100% sure, but he kept looking back, saying "It has to be..."

My daughter decided to go over to the guy after she was done shopping, and she asked him "Are you Kerry King?" He said "YEAH".

She said "Oh that's cool." Then she proceeded to ask him if he remembered David Marrs.. She said "He used to hang out with you back in the early days."

He just kind of blew her off and said "Oh, I don't remember a lot of people I used to hang with back then." She was like "Oh well, thanks anyway..."

He either didn't want to be bothered, or he truly didn't remember David... I think had David gone up to him he might have remembered, but it was a funny moment.

Kerry King at Target in Riverside... looking at bedding and comforters.

Umlaut says "I thought Slayer slept on a bed of nails and lava??!"