Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Never Heard Of Him

Here's a recent topic from the online message board for Metallica's Fan Club members:

Author: sheagy17046
PostPosted: 10/23/06 02:32 pm
Post subject: Brian Lew
Location: Unknown

I would like to know if Brian Lew the person who wrote about the old day's of metallica in the new SO WHAT metallica club magazine. Is this the same person who appear's on the Cliff em all home vid durning a partying scean???

Author: petejt
Posted: 10/23/06 07:15 pm
Post subject: Brian Lew
Location: Kurrimine Beach, Nth Qld, Australia

I've never heard of Brian Lew.

If anyone out there can tell me who Brian Lew is lemmy know too. THANKS!