Saturday, March 24, 2007

Beautiful Dreamer

Dalia and Umlaut first met over 20 years ago at Y&T shows around the Bay Area. Umlaut had a REALLY fucked up week, but this story made me laugh and forget my troubles for a bit. Thanks Dalia!

(Note for The Newbies: 'Beautiful Dreamer' is a song from the 1st Y&T album..)

Submitted by Dalia:

So, as you know, I was a huge, obsessed Y&T fan. Actually, you probably don't know how obsessed I was, but it was pretty bad. And I guess the saying, "A mind is a terrible thing to waste," is true even for pimply-faced white teenaged girls. I would get all kinds of wacky ideas and hatch all sorts of hair-brained schemes.

Like when Y&T went to England to record the Black Tiger album. I was so bummed because they were gone for months. So I got this idea that Des and I should make a sign that would say, "Come home Y&T". We used their Earthshaker logo and painted it on this old wood Des had in her (infamous) garage. We put it up at the Berkeley Marina where all the driftwood sculptures used to be, and where everybody could see it driving by on the freeway.

When they came back from England we went back and changed it to "Welcome home Y&T".

Then when Black Tiger came out and they were cutting out all the songs from the first two albums from their shows, we started to get annoyed. I think this time Des had the idea: She had a piece of plexiglass in her garage and we painted Y&T's new Black Tiger logo on it and below that "Alcohol" and we covered it in glitter.

(Note for The Newbies: 'Alcohol' is a song from Y&T's 1st album..)

We took it to a show they did at The Keystone Berkeley and actually got backstage to give it to them.

We got more and more upset that they weren't playing any old songs and the "Fan Appreciation Nights" at The Old Waldorf were coming up in January '83. So we got an idea to start a petition to say that all their fans wanted them to play old and new songs. We took it to every show we went to and would walk up and down the line getting people to sign it. I think "Jimi Hendrix" and "Jimmy Page" signed it. "Bon Scott", "John Hancock". Actually, I got Dave (Meniketti) to sign it, too.

On the night of the show, we had 1200 signatures and we tried to go backstage to present it to them, but their crew wouldn't let us go back there.

We got really pissed and we decided to throw all the pages onto the stage during the show. It really made sense at the time. And it was perfect because Des was sitting in front of the stage and I was on the side, so we could get even more coverage. I'm not sure what song we decided to do it on but, yes, we did it. Oh my god! I can't believe we did that!!! Oh man, the roadies were pissed!!!

We're lucky we didn't get thrown out! I can't believe they didn't kick us out. Ah, the innocence of youth. Yeah right!

Umlaut was at one of those Y&T "Fan Appreciation" shows at The Waldorf, but unfortunately it wasn't the one featuring The Petition!! However, at the show I saw they did play 'Dreams Of Egypt' (a song from their 2nd album).

(From the Umlaut Archives)

"I believe in you, leavin' you, leavin' you..."