Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Garage Days Revisited

Dalia and Umlaut first met over 20 years ago at Y&T shows around the Bay Area; we also shared adventures during the early S.F. Metal Days.

Submitted by Dalia:

Here's another funny story. And I hope Des doesn't find your blog!

So Des threw a party at her house in Pacific Heights. I think her parents were out of town and I think it was her birthday. As I've already established, my brain cells are greatly diminished. So if it was her birthday it would have been the end of September '83. So it might not have been her birthday.

[Update: According to Dalia's 1983 datebook, this event actually took place on June 17, 1983.]

Anyway, so the party was down in the garage 'cause she didn't want any rowdy rockers in her nice Pacific Heights mansion. So we're all partying in the basement: members of Anvil Chorus and Control and other metal maniacs when a knock comes on the garage door, so Des pushes the auto door button and the door starts slowly moving up.

You have to really get the picture in your mind now.

Everybody sitting around drinking beer etc., watching the door go up slowly seeing who was there, and when the door got to eye level we could see it was members of Exodus including Kirk Hammett and Paul Baloff.

When Des saw who it was she immediately pushed the auto button again and the door went right back down before anybody had a chance to even say anything.

Did someone say SNAP!?

Yeah, she had very strong opinions about who she liked and didn't like and Exodus was not on the friends list. Maybe they had a reputation for trashing people's homes or something. And she hadn't invited them. I think it was Doug Piercy who told them about the party. He was pissed at her!!! But to this day she stands by her decision. That's Des!