Sunday, March 18, 2007

History Lesson

The exciting sequel to Earthshaker!

It's not everyday that you get dissed by one of your teenage Rock Star heroes, but that's exactly what happened to Umlaut!

Long story short, I got caught up in Y&T nostalgia after hearing from an old friend for the first time in 20 years (Hi Dalia!). As a result, I completed a Y&T Flickr Archive of some of my old photos and memorabilia from the Y&T Days. My comment about the set only speaks the truth:

From 1981-83 Y&T were my favorite band. They were local Rock Heroes from the East Bay and a GREAT live band. I traveled all over NorCal seeing them. Then they started wearing silly stage clothes and writing Pop Metal songs; I started listening to Slayer.

I posted the link on the official Y&T / Dave Meniketti Forum and Dave Meniketti's response surprised me:

Today, 01:20 PM
Dave Meniketti


Nice shots Doug. Too bad you haven't liked us for the last 24 years!


It's nice how Meniketti alludes that (1) I'm out of touch and (2) I'm not cool anymore. Wow... Also, I have no idea why he thought my name is "Doug", although the irony is that Tour Manager Doug is a former Y&T fan who also abandoned them and started listening to Slayer in 1983.

We abandoned Y&T 20+ years ago for very legitimate reasons. Among them, Meniketti's Hooters waitress look in this video and the magnitude of just how lame this song was:

Bottom line: Y&T went from a blue collar Hard Rock band who wore t-shirts onstage and let the music do the talking, to a Metal Lite band who pandered to the Hair Metal mandate that image comes before the music. At the same time, this is what was being born in the same Bay Area clubs that Y&T formerly ruled:

And that's why I haven't liked Y&T in 24 years.

Meanwhile, back in the 21st Century...