Monday, March 19, 2007

Smell The Glove

This week on Ebay:


You are bidding on a super rare one of kind ROCK’N ROLL HISTORY item:

James Hetfield (Metallica) original and personal signed protection glove – “Only ONE exists worldwide.”

This autographed, medical protection glove was the one worn by James Hetfield after his accidental 3rd degree burning by pyrotechnics in Montreal on Aug 8th 1992, during a Metallica/Guns'n Roses concert, which later turned into a riot.

After a few weeks recovery time, Metallica resumed touring. The first show after the accident was 25 august 1992, Phoenix International, Arizona where John Marshall (Metal Church) played guitar and on the next 18 concert James only sang.

This glove was then worn by James to help heal and protect his burned left hand from the heat of Stage lightning

(Photos of James wearing this medical glove are a part of this complete item. See enclosed picture)

The personal signed "JAMES HETFIELD GLOVE" exists in one copy only – Worldwide – And there will never, ever again be a identical item by James Hetfield/Metallica up for sale.

Source of origin:

I did work for Metallica in 91 during the black album USA tour and befriended Tony Smith (Metallica's Tour manager from 1985/86 to 1999), which I later obtained this item from.)

THIS is the perfect thing for any Hard Rock Cafe, any Rock'n Roll Museum, and any bar/pub that has a DRAFT of rock atmosphere or in the house of any true METALLICA collector. You will never find a similar rock’n roll item by Metallica on EBAY!

Look at the enclosed pictures and if you have any questions, PLEASE ask them before auction ends, just send me an e-mail.

Personally, Umlaut thinks that some used gauze from a Lars Ulrich dental procedure might be a better investment...