Friday, May 11, 2007

Complicated Situation

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
The Fillmore, San Francisco
May 9, 2007

Useless Trivia: This was the 6th BRMC show Miatomic and I have seen together dating back to 2003. This was my 8th BRMC show dating back to 2001. This was the 38th show I’ve seen at The Fillmore dating back to 1987 (1st show = Jesus & Mary Chain on the Darklands Tour). This was the first show ever where I dropped my wallet and almost lost it; thankfully I noticed in time to retrieve it.

In 2002 I burned the 1st BRMC CD for two co-worker's because I was, like, totally fanatical about it... and they both blew it off! Thankfully, 1/2 of that duo was at the show tonight.

If BRMC’s setlist had been a ship it would have capsized from being top heavy; the superstructure was rock solid but the hull was full of piano. My favorite song of the night was a toss up between ‘Berlin’ and ‘Ain’t No Easy Way’.. However, 'Complicated Situation’ would have been the most appropriate song for the night but, alas, it was a no-show.

Originally, Scottish sensations The Fratellis were supposed to open the show, which had Umlaut as giddy as a schoolgirl from Glasgow… Alas, The Fratellis cancelled their tour, which profoundly bummed me out ‘cause their album is fookin' gleat, dontcha know! However, it seems not everyone got the memo: After the show an annoying hipster couple were raving to each other about how great The Fratellis had been... WTF? I really wanted to hit them about the head and shoulders with the hilt of a Scottish Claymore… but, alas, I didn’t have one with me.

If you bought one of every BRMC merch item you would have paid $190, but they’ve sold the same fucking shirts at their shows since 2003. If only a good merch company would pick them up again. On the way back to the car, some pimply-faced teenagers called us fags. Ironically, Miatomic smoked a fag before we reached the car. Discuss amongst yourselves.

"I'm a complicated situation..."