Saturday, June 23, 2007

Better To Reign In Hell Than Serve In Heaven

Umlaut friend Rich Laminate chimes in with another classic tale from his Road Dog Days:

For some reason your story reminded me of when Slayer were playing The Ritz in New York in 1986-87. I was operating the light board and observed this peculiar looking fellow in the crowd.

I mentioned to my girlfriend that he looked strangely out of place, with his profoundly feathered long blonde hair (ala Heather Locklear), obnoxiously tight jeans, and general "unusual" demeanor. I opined that the fellow must be lost as clearly he was not a Slayer fan and looked more like a Stryper fan.

After the show, while consuming beverages, here comes that dude to ask if he can drop in the dressing room and meet the band. I suggested that he did not look like any of our friends and I asked who he was... He introduced himself as Robert or Michael Sweet from Stryper... to which I was staggered, especially when he told me he was a Slayer fan.

Perplexed, I agreed to ask the Slayer guys if they would like to meet him.. To which the guys replied with something along the lines of "Go fuck yourself..". Obviously this was not a shock, but you had to see the look on Mr. Sweet's face when he was denied access. Big laughs.

What's worse: Stryper being Slayer fans... or if Slayer were Stryper fans?? Discuss amongst yourselves. Bonus credit if you can decide which band is more likely to even know who John Milton is...