Saturday, June 16, 2007

Rumors... All Lies..

Somehow or another, Umlaut ended up on again. For the newbies: Blabbermouth is the leading source of Metal news and gossip on the Information Superhighway. Click HERE to see the story. Of course, my favorite part of all this are the reader comments.. Here are my faves:
  • I wish I could have been there for all of that, was just a kid back then.
  • I was born in 88.. i missed everything. I get a generation of numetal and shit. argh. I'd give anything to go and experience the 80s metal scene...goddamn my life will never be complete.
  • very cool pics.this guy is a cool some bitch putting up these old photos for us to check out.
  • the dude from saxon looks like the leprechaun.
  • Some pimply faced teenagers told me some rumors about Brian...
Pretty fucking hilarious. It's still hard for me to process that innocent fun I was having 25 years ago is still relevant to alot of people here in the 21st Century; over 59,000 hits on my Ye Old Metal photos on Flickr!? Wow... Right place, right time, man.... Right place, right time.

No life 'til leather, we're gonna kick some ass tonight.