Sunday, July 08, 2007

3 Years

Woah... I realized that I've been doing this "blog" now for 3 years.. and the original 'zine version of Umlaut ran for 3 years. Time flies, man.

In the beginning 20th Century Umlaut:

In the beginning 21st Century Umlaut:

Quite a few readers of this space were reading my geek rants back in 1992, and it's profoundly cool to still have y'all around! It's pretty fucking cool actually. Cheers you lot!

ADDENDUM: Ooops, I realized that the majority of you reading this weren't with Umlaut in 1992-95. Here's something that will give you a flavor of who Umlaut's original fan base was back in the late 20th Century:

From Umlaut's Mail (December 1993)

That's right, the 'zine version of Umlaut was basically read by hipsters, bands, and inmates.