Friday, July 06, 2007

He Hit Me And It Felt Like A Kiss

After celebrating America's 231st Birthday on a boat in San Francisco Bay watching fireworks, Umlaut and friends rode BART home. It was a routine ride until a LOUD and obnoxious group of teenage wannabe gangstas boarded.

The gang was made up of a couple of girls and 3 or 4 guys. In an inspired moment, the guys decided to crank call someone from one of the girl's cell phones. Whomever they called was obviously not pleased by the prank.. and the girl who owned the phone suddenly got very upset and started crying.

Evidently, the guys had crank called her boyfriend, but the dudes couldn't understand why she was so upset.. until the other girl explained that the boyfriend hits her friend when he's angry... and their crank call had made him angry... especially since the prank had come from his girlfriend's phone. The dudes were, like, "He hits you? That ain't cool, dog.." and some other cryptic phrases that kids say these days when imitating compassion.

I should point out that my description of this event is way more coherent and eloquent than the actual teenage conversation, which played out over any excruciating 10 or so minutes. It was WAY WAY too much drama for a fucking BART ride.

Cue that old song by The Crystals.

"He hit me, and I knew he loved me..."