Saturday, December 29, 2007

My Year Of The Pig

Recently I was asked to join a CD Mix Club; it's like joining The Masons, only with better music. Anyway, the "theme / subject" of my debut mix was my year that was 2007. I hope I'm not breaking any secret society CD Club code by sharing my track listing and liner notes with "outsiders".....

This year (2007) was the Year Of The Pig in the Chinese Horoscope. It was also probably the weirdest, most jagged, year of my life. The year began with the death of Skychick's mommy on January 2nd.

1. Death Is Not The End - Bob Dylan (1988)
2. Sad Lovers Waltz - Camper Van Beethoven (1986)

Close on the heels of that upheaval, I was unexpectedly laid off from my job in March. Although this wasn't my first layoff experience, I naturally still sank into a period of uncertainty and withdrawal, during which I fucked up communication with people dear to me.

3. Hoodoo Gurus - Down On Me (2000)
4. Abandon Ship - Gallows (2007)
5. Communication Breakdown - Disengage (2002)
6. Jagged - Old 97's (1999)

Thankfully, I landed a new gig in a short time. Ironically, the new job brought aspects of my life full circle in a profound way; being a Music / Heavy Metal Geek gives me a certain "legitimacy" in the industry I find myself in.. Bizarre. However, it's also a case of "be careful what you wish for" since the industry I find myself in can be a dubious place for people with good hearts.

7. Brand New Start (Live) - Paul Weller (2001)
8. The Whores Hustle And The Hustlers Whore - PJ Harvey (2000)
9. Flight Of Icarus - Iron Maiden (1983)
10. Reborn - Slayer (1986)

As I settled into this new chapter in my life, I reconnected with my inner Music Geek at concerts by 3 of my all-time music heroes: Iggy Pop (with The Stooges on his 60th Birthday!), Nick Cave (touring with his side project Grinderman) and Cheap Trick.

In the biggest Music Geek moment of my life to date, I was introduced to Cheap Trick backstage at their show. Long ago in 1978, they created the Music Geek that I am today. Cheap Trick were my 1st Rock Heroes… and they were, like, totally cool to me in 2007. WOW.

11. Loose - The Stooges (1970)
12. Honey Bee (Let's Fly To Mars) - Grinderman (2007)
13. Auf Wiedersehen - Cheap Trick (1978)

As Fall turned to Winter, a situation that has lasted 2 years finally resolved itself: The terrible next door neighbors moved out, victims of the subprime mortgage implosion. Good riddance I say, since they never respected the neighborhood or its residents.. In short, I was:

14. Glad To See You Go - The Ramones (1977)

However, along with this positive event came word that my mommy needed to have major heart surgery. After days of anxiety and uncertainty, she's now recovering in fine fashion and on the mend.

15. Mother - Danzig (1988)

So, as The Year Of The Pig draws to a close I realize that 2007 was reality check time for me.. A chaotic year that ultimately put me in new places and situations, both mentally and physically, that are ultimately good… for now at least (I'm a pessimist):

16. I Predict A Riot - Kaiser Chiefs (2005)
17. Heaven And Hell - Black Sabbath (1980)

My Year Of The Pig is ending completely different to how it began. It's all good once again. What a year, man. What a year.

18. Zip A Dee Doo Dah - The Mummies (1992)

Next year (2008!?) will mark the 4th Anniversary of me ranting in this space. Clazy... Thanks for the support, y'all!