Monday, December 24, 2007

Police Story

Back in September, Umlaut friend Miatomic's car was stolen... but that was only the beginning of her odyssey!

"WTF" doesn't do her experience justice.

Click HERE to read the coverage given to the incident in the San Francisco Chronicle!!

Click HERE to read Miatomic's own account of the absurd events!

Police Story #2: Umlaut friend Guitar God Doug P. submitted this...

So my friend Ken has a tenant downstairs who had their car stolen, also a Honda, in front of their house. SFPD never found it or the thieves, so they got a new Passat.

Months later, all the while receiving parking tickets, SFPD contacts them saying that the car has been found. Up the street from their flat (!). They go up to see the car, and it is intact, and has a full tank of gas!
The registration had just expired, so they brought it back home (!). Wild shit all this..

Back in The Day I was always harrassed by cops; I could never get away with this kind of crap!