Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Word On The Street

Word came to Umlaut today via mounted courier (okay... via e-mail) that there's an old photograph featuring him in the latest issue of Kerrang! magazine (May 24, 2008 issue).

The photo was taken back in Ye Olde Metal Days and reportedly also features Umlaut Nation member Ron Q. as well.

If anyone comes across said issue please let me know.

Metal Up Your Ass.

Update: It's true... Umlaut is on page 23 of the above mentioned issue of Kerrang!... See below... Umlaut in the red square:

Trivia: The shot was taken at The Stone in San Francisco on March 5, 1983; it was Cliff Burton's debut show with Metallica.

The pic is part of an alright article about the early-80's Bay Area Metal scene that, if you believe the historians, spawned everything that has been worthwhile in METAL ever since... There are a couple of factual errors in the piece, but at least they mention the Exodus Slay Team (Kill posers!) and namecheck Ruthies Inn... but do people still care about this stuff?? Really? That was, like, a million years ago, man... A million fucking years ago.

BTW, for all the little girls reading this, the foldout poster in this issue of Kerrang! is that Emo singer from My Chemical Romance on one side and Trent Reznor on the other... which kinda steals the thunder of the Old Metal article.

Hope I die before I get old.