Monday, July 21, 2008

.49 Cents

Paul Westerberg released his new album via this week as a digital download only for the insane WTF low price of .49 cents (forty-nine cents!)... And guess what? It's really good! Sorta low-fi and trashy sounding... Like a cassette tape.

Downloading an album goes against all of Umlaut's Music Geek morals... but if this makes Westerberg a bit more money via some behind the scenes deal, then so be it. The main downside is that the album is one long MP3 file and not individual tracks... but I suppose in that sense it's the closest thing to buying a cassette tape at Tower Records that you can experience now.

Did I mention that the album is good? I like when my old heroes reassure me like this.

Click HERE to buy 49:00 yourself... It's the best thing .49 cents will buy you here in the godforsaken 21st Century.