Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shameless Self-Promotion... Again.

Around a dozen of Umlaut's old photos appear in Metal Hammer's new Metallica special issue:

Umlaut hasn't seen the issue yet... Evidently it's "in the mail" (along with my check... natch!)... but look for it the next time you're in Barnes & Noble or wherever it is they sell the printed word here in the 21st Century. One of the photos from the Umlaut Archives that Metal Hammer used was this gem:

The Metallica Mansion, El Cerrito, CA - circa 1983

Such fine lads, eh? Count how many readers of this space are in this photo. Then count how many future Basquiat collectors are in the photo. Bonus points if you can also identify the future Internet Tech Guru and also the Corporate Tech Support Dude.

There will not be a quiz.

Update: For those keeping score, and because the photo credits are rather small, Umlaut's pics appear as follows in the issue:

p.6 Dave and James
p.24 Lars and James
p.26 Ron and Dave
p.26 Group shot
p.26 Flyer
p.27 Cliff and James
p.27 Hotel room
p.28 James
p.28 Dave and James
p.44 Ron Quintana and Kirk
p.45 Slayer and Exodus

I must say, this is one of the nicer uses of my old photos (and they have been used in at least 3 books and by MTV and VH1 numerous times). The layout of the issue and the content is most METAL.. and it's always a trip to have my snapshots placed alongside the photographs of Ross Halfin.