Sunday, January 18, 2009


This was one of those moments when a song immediately popped into my head: Last night Umlaut found himself wandering the stacks of Green Apple Books.. At one point I was trying to look at some books when two guys next to me started talking in inappropriately loud fashion (Hey guys? INSIDE voices, 'kay?) and it went something like this:

Guy 1: Like, I'm uncomfortable in bookstores... They're, like, so in your face.. you know?

Guy 2: What do you mean?

Guy 1: Like, bookstores just shove all of this information in your face.. I'm never going to be able to know ALL of this information, you know?
Like, I'm never going to read ALL of these books!

Guy 2: Yeah.. That's why I like the Internet... If I want to know about something I can just look it up.

Guy 1: Yeah, I know!

I'm pretty sure they were on a date... and as this conversation unfolded next to me, that Nirvana song popped into my head...

"We don't have to breed..."