Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Soft Corinthian Leather

Just when Umlaut thought it was safe to be happy again, The Grim Reaper decided to work overtime... I know the economy is bad, and everyone needs extra money.. but COME ON, DUDE! Take a day off!

The Celebrity Stairway To Heaven took another Geek icon with Ricardo Montalban taking the stairs today.. KHHHHHAAAAN!!!!!!

Biography from The Wrath Of Khan opening night program
(From the Umlaut Archives)

Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan
Advance Poster Pamphlet and Opening Night Program
(From the Umlaut Archives)

Khan: "THIS IS CETI ALPHA FIVE! Ceti Alpha Six exploded six months after we were left here. The shock shifted the orbit of this planet and everything was laid waste. 'Admiral' Kirk never bothered to check on our progress. It was only the fact of my genetically-engineered intellect that allowed us to survive. On Earth, two hundred years ago, I was a prince with power over millions... "

Thanks to Big Wayne for the Khan quote.. Rest in peace Mr. Montalban.. I hope your couch in Heaven is made of soft Corinthian leather.. CORDOBA!

This brings the Celebrity Death Count in Umlaut's world over the past week to FOUR.. with Khan coming so soon after Ron Asheton, Bob Wilkins, and Patrick McGoohan. Fuck. FUCK!

However, because Umlaut feels like being a smartass, I'm going to say that the Celebrity Death Count total is actually FIVE as of today... with the 5th one being Metallica with their induction today into the dubious Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame on their first year of eligibility.

It's a shame that Umlaut just proclaimed himself a legitimate Metallica fan again now that the first and second nails have been driven into their coffin.. The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame!!? Those fuckers haven't even recognized The Stooges yet!!

On the flip side, I must admit it is kind of a mindfuck to realize that I've followed a band since literally Day 1 of their career from their first demo tape to their induction into the dubious RNR HOF. I guess you could rationalize how this is a cool thing... It's too bad Metallica can't start going backwards now, like in that new Brad Pitt movie I haven't seen.

Congratulations Metallica.. I hope your couch in Heaven is made of soft Corinthian leather too..

Umlaut with Hetfield - 1983