Thursday, April 09, 2009

14 Minutes Of Metal

In Cleveland last weekend, Umlaut connected with several Old Metalheads who he's known for 25 years but had never met before. One of them was the legendary Metal Mike of Aardschok in Holland.

A quarter of a century ago (!!), Mike and I traded cassette tapes via something called "The Postal Service"... This required us to:
  1. Dub music onto a blank cassette tape.
  2. Put that tape into an envelope.
  3. Take the envelope to a place called "The Post Office" and do something called "Send Via Air Mail".
  4. Wait weeks or even months for a reply.
Fast forward to the 21st Century and Metal Mike and I had the following exchange via The Information Superhighway the other day:

1:28PM, umlaut wrote:
Hey - It was SO COOL to finally meet you after all these years!

1:30PM, Metal Mike wrote:
I'm now at my radioshow at you can listen live to me :-)

1:31PM, umlaut wrote:
I just logged on and listening... Do you take requests? Cheers.

1:32PM, Metal Mike wrote:
What do you wanna hear?

1:33PM, umlaut wrote::
HA! In honor of Cleveland: 'Trapped Under Ice' - Metallica

1:35PM, Metal Mike wrote:
your wish is my command

1:37 PM, umlaut wrote:
HAHAHA! I'll get ready to do a stage dive off my desk...

[A station promo by James Hetfield airs, followed by 'Trapped Under Ice']

1:40PM, umlaut wrote:

1:41PM, Metal Mike wrote:
isn't the internet beautiful?

1:42PM, umlaut wrote:
better than cassettes..

Metal Mike's show airs every Tuesday at 1:00PM to 3:00PM PST. Listen to him online!