Friday, April 10, 2009

Deja Vu Again

Green Day
DNA Lounge, San Francisco

April 9, 2009

It was basically the same drill as the other night: Show announced > Show sold out in less than 5 minutes. I'm keeping this short so this space doesn't become a Green Day fan site and I lose even more of my overrated cred with Metalheads.

Yes, they played the new album in its entirety.. Yes, the songs are amazing... Yes, they played over an hour of encores.. Yes, they were pulling songs out of the ether and audience requests. Yes, it was fantastic.. Yes, the singer for AFI ran onstage to sing 'Going To Pasalacqua' with them. Yes, Billie Joe told a little boy to stage dive and he did. Yes, a girl got onstage and sang 'Grouch' for the band when B.J. forgot the words. Yes, Billie Joe did an insane stage dive into the crowd while playing his guitar.

Unfortunately Skychick had to sit this show out as she recovered from some dental work, but ironically the band offered up the rarely played 'Give Me Novacaine'! That was either a great coincidence or ESP really does exist.

Backstage Wristband

Please don't use the above image and attempt to counterfeit a backstage wristband. It won't work.. Besides, backstage is BORING. The strippers, the cocaine, the champagne, the midget jello wrestling... YAWN. Also, don't fuck with Green Day Security 'cause he has a memory like an elephant and will remember you 4 years later.

Before the show, Umlaut had dinner with Rich Laminate who dished up some juicy vintage Metal war stories, which I enjoyed while eating a delicious pork chop. Who knew Buffalo, NY had such crazy groupie action back in The Day!? "Come on in, the water's fine.."

Thanks to Tour Manager Doug for doing what he does; he could take a nothing day and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile. Krokus, etc. etc.

If you bought one of every Green Day merch item you would have paid NOTHING because there was none for sale. On the way back to the car, some pimply-faced teenagers called us fags. Green Day is THE greatest live band going right now and they do it without a revolving drum riser.

If only I could relive this night again...