Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Deja Vu Yet Again

The exciting sequel to Deja Vu and Deja Vu Again!

Green Day
The Fox Theater, Oakland, CA
April 14, 2009

After two sneak club shows, Green Day played a real show to kick off their new album and tour cycle. I'm keeping this short so this space doesn't become a Green Day fan site and I lose even more of my overrated cred with Metalheads.

Despite this being the hottest ticket in town, the Umlaut Nation was nicely represented by Skychick, Teri, Ray, The Sheriff & Mrs. Sheriff, Valerie, Raymond, The Man, Chris, and Erik.

Yes, some greedy fucks were trying to sell tickets for $575 EACH on Craigslist. Yes, it was cool seeing the band perform the new album with the full stage production for the first time. Yes, the contrast between the club shows and this show was profound. Yes, they handed out a theater style playbill with the lyrics to the new album. Yes, there was a free poster to commemorate the show. Yes, the excitement inside The Fox was thick enough to cut with a knife. Yes, the show was being filmed for "later broadcast". Yes, they played 'Going To Pasalacqua'. Yes, the final encore was the rarely played 'Homecoming' performed by the band in their hometown. Yes, it was perfect.

THANKS to Tour Manager Doug (TMD) and Green Day Security for their hospitality... Although it would have been more Lock 'N Loll glamorous delivering a bag of drugs to TMD backstage instead of a bag of homemade cookies.

Prior to the show at 7:44PM, Paschke sent me a text from Slayer's recording studio that said: "This Slayer album is, ummm, FAST!!!!!" Thanks for the reality check, my brother.

The leg room in the reserved balcony seats of The Fox is like being in 1st Class at 40,000 feet. If you bought one of every Green Day merch item you would have paid $80. On the way back to the car, some pimply-faced teenagers called us fags. David Fricke from Rolling Stone was backstage, but I didn't have a chance to remind him about meeting in Cleveland; I think he was wearing the same clothes that he wore to Metallica's party.

If only I could relive this night again...