Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In Their Own Words

As part of the programming for last week's Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Induction, Fuse produced a documentary called Metallica: In Their Own Words. Evidently this was shown prior to the network's induction ceremony broadcast. For those who care, Fuse licensed the use of some of Umlaut's old photos and memorabilia for the program; bonus points if you can identify them.

Compared to some of the other MTV, VH1, etc. programs that have used my stuff, this is one of the better ones.

Part One

Part Two

Note to The Kids: If you're friends with a band now, don't throw anything away! They might become famous and the crap you have will pay off years from now. For the record, Umlaut's old Metallica photos and crap have been used in the following ways over the years:

  • 2009: To Live Is The Die: The Life and Death of Metallica's Cliff Burton by Joel McIver (Jawbone Press)
  • 2004: So What! The Good, The Mad, & The Ugly: The Official Chronicle of Metallica - Edited by Steffan Chirazi (Broadway Books)
  • 2004: Forkaelet med Frihed: Lars Ulrich - og hans band Metallica (Translation: "Spoiled by Freedom: Lars Ulrich - and his band Metallica") - by Jens Jam Rasmussen (Lindhardt og Ringhof). An authorized biography published in Denmark.
  • 1992: Metallica Unbound - by K.J. Doughton (Warner Books)
  • Classic Rock
  • Kerrang!
  • Metal Hammer
  • So What! (The Official Metallica Fan Club magazine)

  • 2009: A&E Biography: Metallica
  • 2009: Fuse: Metallica: In Their Own Words
  • 2005: VH1: When Metallica Ruled The World
  • 2003: VH1 All Access: Spotlight Metallica
  • 2003: MTV Icon: Metallica
  • 2001: VH1 Behind The Music: Megadeth
  • 1998: VH1 Behind The Music: Metallica
  • 1992: MTV Rockumentary: Metallica
  • 2006: Get Thrashed
  • 2005: Some Kind Of Monster