Monday, May 04, 2009


The exciting sequel to Metal On Metal and Forged In Fire!

The Bridge Theatre, San Francisco

May 3, 2009

I hadn't planned on writing about this since I've already ranted about Anvil twice in this space within the past month... but dammit.. this was one of those perfect Metal nights.

To start off the evening, members of the Umlaut Nation gathered at The Pig & Whistle for some pre-movie / concert libations and sustenance. So a shout out to Timo, Ray, Lori, Sarah, Dave, Rafa, Pam, Richard, Jim, and Pashke.. and a bonus shout out to Mr. Gould of Faith No More as well. Then we few, we happy few, walked down the block to The Bridge to get in line for the 7:10PM screening / performance. As we neared the door, there was a commotion behind us and I turned around just as THE BAND walked past us into the theater... and the people in line gave them a rousing ovation! So fucking cool, right?!

Lips has entered the building! (Pic by Umlaut)

I've ranted about the movie already in previous posts... but I must admit that in the past couple of weeks I've become slightly (okay.. fully..) obsessed with Anvil and all of the back story involved with the making of this movie. Long story short: Anvil are from *my* generation of Metal bands; I bought their first albums when I was a Teenage Metalhead in the early-80's. Their tale of growing old and wanting to stay Metal resonates with me in an extremely profound way... and I realized that I can't really put into words how much this movie (and this story) means to me; it strikes to the core of who I am in so many ways. Hope I die before I get old.


As at the Slim's screening last month, as soon as the final credits finished the band took to the stage to give the sold out theater a dose of Metal... but with an added twist to start as Lips ran off the stage and down the aisle next to me to get the crowd going with some guitar antics.

Lips fires it up! (Pic by Umlaut)

Then he returned to the stage and the band launched into the instrumental 'March Of The Crabs'.. So fucking awesome!

Sidebar: I would like to point out the lame hipster wearing the vintage Vandenberg shirt to the left of Lips.. I'm sure he paid $$ for it at a secondhand store somewhere and thinks it's "COOL" and oh so "METAL".. For the record, Umlaut saw Vandenberg in 1983 at The Keystone Palo Alto (supported by Quiet Riot no less) and their brand of Dutch Hair Metal SUCKED. For the newbies: Adrian Vandenberg went on to play with Whitesnake during their 15 minutes of fame when Tawny Kitaen did the splits on the hood of a Jaguar on their behalf. Hipster Posers Fuck Off!

ANYWAY... Sorry, back to ANVIL:

Their setlist went 'March Of The Crabs' > 'This Is Thirteen' > '666'.... but then Lips broke a string and the set ended abruptly! After a few moments the houselights came on and a roadie said "Anvil loves you!" WTF... No backup axe!? I thought for a second there might be a riot... but alas there wasn't. At that moment I remembered we were "at the movies"... so we obediently filed out of the theater. However, it didn't feel like I was exiting a movie because Anvil, despite their abbreviated set, had laid waste to the theater... and I ran into more Umlaut friends as if I was at a Metal gig... so a shout out to Hard Rock Chick, Old Metal Tim, Jedi Pablo, and Mr. Baker as well.

There was Anvil merch for sale, but I didn't take note of it. On the way back to the car some pimply-teenagers called us fags. As I type this, I feel like I'm 16-years old again... and to quote Anvil: "I'd rather be a king below than a servant above... I'd rather be free and hate than a prisoner of love... You heard my warning but you didn't, didn't, didn't learn... 666!"