Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Posers Will Pay The Price

Thee Parkside, San Francisco

July 14, 2009

I wasn't even gonna "review" this show because I was embarrassed... but I'm man enough to admit when I've fucked up.

Prior to the show, Wexford Girl and The Bassist met me at Taqueria Cancun for a pre-show meal.. Then we few, we happy few, made our way to Potrero Hill for the gig.

I've seen Goatwhore at least 3x in the past, most notably with Venom / High On Fire and then Celtic Frost / Sun O))) in 2006.. both times at The Fillmore. To be blunt, I wasn't impressed with them... so I basically went to this show just to hang with Wexford Girl and The Bassist. Seeing the bands kinda wasn't even on my agenda.

After Dååth played we checked out the merch table quite extensively ('cause it's what we do) and I got a copy of the new Goatwhore CD because I had been hearing good things about it... and despite my previous history with them I was willing to give the Louisiana boys another chance.. up to a point.

Long story short, Wexford Girl and I planted ourselves at a table on the outdoor patio and got immersed in talking about work while The Bassist kept it real and checked out the band. During Goatwhore, Wexford Girl and I talked, talked, talked, and talked shop and didn't make a move towards the sweat box indoor area and the stage. Actually, I think we thought about making the move once.. but didn't. I did think to myself that the band sounded pretty good.. at least from a distance... but we just kept talking talking talking talking.

After Goatwhore's set, The Bassist returned drenched in sweat and in a Metal euphoria from the set... which made me realize that I should have checked the band out... but... Wexford Girl and I had chosen to talk talk talk talk.

Anyway, fast forward: I got home and put the new Goatwhore CD on and... it's fucking GREAT. Goddammit... It's noticeably Venom / Celtic Frost-ish, but in a good way. Goddammit.. Posers like me will pay the price. Thank dog they're coming back to S.F. in September so that I may redeem myself in the eyes of Metal.

Rock Star Sighting: Matt of High On Fire. On the way back to the car, some-pimply faced teenagers called me a fag. I can't remember the last time I was such a Metal Poser... I'm so ashamed.