Sunday, December 27, 2009

30 Years Ago Tonight...

Thirty years ago TONIGHT this is where Umlaut was:

(From the Umlaut Archives)

Cheap Trick on the Dream Police Tour! It was my 2nd time seeing the band and I went with my cousin.. Cheap Trick were my favorite band at the time, man... BIG TIME. I was fanatical about them. The Pat Travers Band were 2nd on the bill after Moon Martin and it was awesome this show happened during Christmas Break. Soon after New Year's (in the new decade known as THE 80's!!) I was wearing my new 3/4 sleeve Dream Police Tour jersey at school and some jocks made fun of it and said Pat Travers had blown Cheap Trick off the stage that night. "FUCK YOU GUYS!" I didn't say... because I didn't want them to kick my geeky ass. Fucking asshole jocks! However, it's cool because those guys probably look 15 years older than me now and are also probably miserable as their life continues on the downward slide that began for them after high school. HAHA!

(From the Umlaut Archives)

Yeah, Umlaut is old... but age is only a number! Umlaut still loves Cheap Trick long time.. I still have the tour program I bought that night. Click HERE to relive the day just 7 months ago when Umlaut pulled a doubleheader of Cheap Trick at a County Fair and then some Japanese Death Metal back in The Big City. Yeah, I still got it..

THANKS to Kirk Fireball for reminding me about this anniversary... Kirk was also at the show (his 1st concert!) and amazingly he still has the 3/4 sleeve jersey that he also bought that night (!!!):

(From the Fireball Archives)

Fuck those jocks!