Monday, December 28, 2009

This Week In Music Geek

Last week Umlaut came home after being out of town for 7 days to find this in his mailbox:

It's the BLU-RAY of Metallica live in Nimes, France from this past July! It's the first regionally exclusive DVD / Blu-Ray released by the band, with Nimes (sold only in France) being followed as you read this by a Mexico City DVD / Blu-Ray (filmed in June and sold only in Latin America); other regionally exclusive releases from other cities / countries may be unleashed in the future. It's a brilliant Marketing move that galvanizes the fans in those regions behind the band because it's something exclusive for them and it also creates a buzz in the rest of the band's worldwide fanbase. My Inner Music Geek loves this kind of shit.

From the Nimes DVD / Blu-Ray press release:

Francais Pour Une Nuit

On July 7th of this year we were honored to perform at Arenes de Nimes, the historic Roman amphitheatre in Nimes, France, easily one of the most spectacular venues in the world. We thought it would be a memorable night, so we asked our friends in France to bring along a film crew to document the festivities. The result is "Francais Pour Une Nuit" (translation: "French For One Night"), the DVD of the evening including the full show, interviews with us, and five videos shot by YOU, our buddies in the audience. All this and more will be available starting November 23, 2009!

"Francais Pour Une Nuit" was extra special for us because not only was it filmed in France, but ALL aspects of the project are French as the show was filmed, recorded, and edited with French camera and recording crews, the artwork on the package and special box set were created by a French design team; even the credits are in French. The only non-French parts: the three Americans and one Dane on stage and the photos shot by Englishman Ross Halfin.

The DVD will be available in retail stores in France only, at, or you may order online through the record company at There will be three formats available: Standard DVD in a digipack including a 16 page booklet, Blu-Ray DVD, also in a digipack with the booklet, and the deluxe limited edition box set that includes the DVD, a copy of "Death Magnetic on CD," a Large T-shirt, laminated pass, and five exclusive photos.

Metallica never do things like this half ass and the Blu-Ray's production is fucking stunning... spectacular.. amazing. It's the first release by the band in this format and it vividly captures all of the magic of the band playing in the Arenes de Nimes which was built by the Romans in 70 A.D.. Trivia: Rammstein also filmed live footage at the venue for their Völkerball live DVD.

This looks and sounds even better on a 46" HDTV... believe me:

Come on, even if you're a jaded mofo, you have to admit it's fucking cool watching the band walk down the ancient tunnel of that ancient venue just as Roman gladiators did and emerge to the thunderous roar of 20,000 fanatical French fans. Fucking magic... and something that only happens in Europe or South America, where fans aren't as jaded and ancient historic venues like this exist. The smile on James' face at the 1:13 minute mark says it all; they aren't playing in Fresno.

Yeah... still my favorite band.