Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy Holidaze

The exciting sequel to No Sleep 'Til San Francisco!

Is there anything better than celebrating The Holidays AND the end of a North American Tour with Rock Stars? Nope.

A historic San Francisco location... a few hundred guests... Food, food, food... Drinks, drinks, drinks... Santa... and a photo booth that produced cool multi-frame souvenir pics...

The Lead Guitarist to Umlaut: "I saw you from the stage in Sacramento... sorry we didn't play 'Trapped'.." (Umlaut had requested 'Trapped Under Ice' prior to the show)... and Umlaut FINALLY met the band's legendary soundman Big Mick after all these years.

Yes, The Rock Stars know how to throw a magnificent party! A REALLY fun evening, man. REALLY fun. Happy Holidays... and dog bless us... every ONE.