Thursday, December 10, 2009

This Week In Music Geek

This might be the most beautiful thing Umlaut has seen all year by one of my favorite bands:


The Kylesa “Static Tensions” Wooden Box Set contains the following:

• Solid wood box made of pine and birch, with silkscreened cover artwork
• Screenprinted 12×24 wrap around cover on metallic purple paper
• Turntable slipmat with cover artwork
• Full color A2 sized poster of album artwork
• 8 page full LP sized booklet of lyrics and art
• Sticker
• 2xLP, 45 R.P.M. vinyl version of Static Tensions on exclusive “Purple Haze” colored vinyl
• All boxes individually hand-numbered 1-150

Although the run is 150 copies, only 115 copies are being sold via the 20BuckSpin website. Oh, here's a video of Laura of Kylesa talking about this Music Geek's wet dream... although the German interviewer is a LOSER ("I'm actually not a vinyl collector..")..

YES! Umlaut scored a copy... Now I just have to wait and see what number copy I get in the sequence. The Geeks Shall Inherit The Earth! This message was posted on the 20 Buck Spin site later in the day:

Kylesa Box Sets Gone
December 10, 2009

Unbelievable. You maniacs cleaned us out in 30 minutes!
Now please bear with us as we sort through this madness.
Thanks to all who ordered for your support of Kylesa and 20 Buck Spin.