Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Six Years

I almost forgot: This month marks the 6th Anniversary of this space. For the newbies: Umlaut was a xeroxed 'zine in ancient times and then it went into hibernation for 9 years. For better or worse, the advent of The Information Superhighway facilitated its rebirth in this format.

To commemorate the past 2,190 days, here are some posts from Marches of the past:

2004: Click HERE to view the very first posts on this site.

2005: The Death of Bass Wolf

2006: DMBQ

2007: March Madness

2008: Panzerfaust

2009: Garage Days Revisted and Run Run Run

I rant in this space for mainly self-centered reasons: Putting words together keeps my mind sharp and I like the game of "writing"; putting words together is a puzzle that is fun to me. The fact that quite a few people actually read this space still surprises me... but THE coolest thing about the past 6 years is that I've met alot of those readers, and a couple of them have become good friends.