Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Larger Silence

Being part of The Metal Scene means more than simply having "a blog" and saying that you're part of "The Scene"; actions speak louder than words in the larger silence of being coolly apathic beyond your CDs and black tees. Ludicra are an important band, not simply for The Bay Area Metal Scene but for Metal as a whole IMO. The saga of their recent U.S. Tour is one of THE Metal stories of 2010 and I originally ranted about it HERE. However, naturally the story has since faded from the minds of most now that the tour has ended and the band have returned home. Authentic artists like Ludicra make sacrifices for their art. With this in mind, Umlaut has joined forces with Sensory Abuse to offer a limited edition Ludicra print with the proceeds going to help John Cobbett with his existing medical expenses.

Sensory Abuse's iconic live shot was taken at the final show of Ludicra's U.S. Tour at Cafe du Nord in San Francisco on May 8th.

This is a limited edition of 66 hand-numbered prints. It measures 19"x13" and is printed on heavy, canvas-like paper stock. For delivery within the U.S. the print will cost $20 (shipping included). For International Orders please add an additional $5. The prints will be appropriately sent in a black mailing tube. Use this button to purchase the print via PayPal (payment will be made to Sensory Abuse):
You can also support Ludicra via the "Merch" link on the band's site or at the Profound Lore site. This is just a small way for Umlaut to give back to THE METAL. In this day and age I think bands get taken for granted since it's so easy to "download this" or "YouTube that" to the point where bands (and their music) become disposable. The short attention span here in the 21st Century seems to cause many good bands to be tossed into a silent void as another band's download becomes available. Ludicra are a band who should never be disposable.

"Silent... Into a larger silence.." - Ludicra

A huge THANKS to Sensory Abuse for donating his photograph, time, and expertise to this project... and THANKS to Profound Lore and Invisible Oranges for giving support and advice... and HAIL to Ludicra for being Lifers.