Sunday, June 06, 2010

My Slayer Day 2010

The exciting sequel to Day Of Days!

To observe International Day of Slayer 2010, Umlaut wore a Slayer shirt as he ran errands on a muggy Sunday. Nobody acknowledged it all afternoon... until the final stop of the day at Whole Foods:

Teen Whole Foods Bagger: (Looking at my Slayer shirt) Do you like Slayer?

Umlaut: Yes... Do you?

Teen Whole Foods Bagger: Not really...

(At this point I was about to blow the kid off when...)

Teen Whole Foods Bagger: They're too Thrashy for me. My favorite band is Cannibal Corpse.

The kid then went off about why Cannibal Corpse rules as he efficiently put our groceries into bags; the 2007 Slim's show with The Black Dahlia Murder was the best concert he's ever seen. I was impressed... but I think Skychick's eyes started to glaze over because she's not Metal.

That kid is gonna be alright.

Submitted by The Man:

At the Alameda Flea Market on International Day of Slayer..

The Man (TM): Hey, where did you get that shirt? Do you mind if my girlfriend takes a photo of it?

Kid Vendor: I got it on Haight Street. Yeah go for it.

Kid Vendor: I hate all that shit they sell at Hot Topic; I like the album tee shirts. I'm looking for a Reign In Blood tee. (Puts his iPod earbuds back in..)

TM: What are you listening to?

Kid Vendor: Cannibal Corpse.

Umlaut says: Ummm, maybe June 6th should be Cannibal Corpse Day next year... Just saying.