Monday, August 11, 2014

Another Perfect Day

Since my last post was criminally NOT Metal I feel obligated to compensate for it.  I believe this will make up for my transgression:

On this date in 1983: Motörhead played the first of 3 Bay Area shows on the Another Perfect Day Tour. The Keystone Palo Alto on August 11th.. The Keystone Berkeley on the 12th.. and The Stone in San Francisco on the 13th. 

Umlaut was at the Palo Alto and San Francisco shows.  In S.F. my friends dared me to go up to Lemmy at the bar and ask him why the band wasn't playing 'Overkill' on the tour.  Instead of punching me Lemmy said they'd forgotten how to play it... 

 Lemmy at The Stone, San Francisco - August 13, 1983
[Photo by Wayne VanderKuil]

Umlaut friend Teri adds:

"I went to all three shows.  I hung out with the band behind The Keystone Palo Alto for a bit and the only thing I had for them to sign was a Scorpions Lovedrive album that was in my car. I am the proud owner of probably the only Scorpions album in the world signed by Motörhead."