Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Slay Team Redux

The exciting and unexpected sequel to Slay Team Comic!

"Nothing can save you now... You've learned a lesson in violence.." 

Early in 1985, at around the time that the Bonded By Blood album was released, a friend of Exodus created the Slay Team comic. The story was inspired by Exodus' legendary hatred of all things poser (Ratt, Motley Crue, etc.). The comic was mainly only seen by the band's local Bay Area fans and its existence was the stuff of myth and legend.

Last year Umlaut posted what everyone believed was the only issue of the Slay Team comic.  The great irony of the Slay Team Comic and its violence was that a female member of the Exodus inner circle, Lizzy Green, was responsible for drawing and creating it.  Yes, the girls raged as hard as the dudes in the original Bay Area Metal Scene!  Bonded by blood!  Death to posers.

However, The Metal Godz work in mysterious ways and in the year since the original Slay Team comic post I miraculously got back in touch with its creator Lizzy!  The Interwebs can be a magical place sometimes.  Anyway, long story short:   Unbeknown to anyone, the teenage Metalhead Lizzy had written and created a SECOND issue of the Slay Team comic that no one else had ever seen!  Somewhere Baloff is smiling.

Now, for the first time ANYWHERE Umlaut is proud to present this long lost issue of Slay Team in its entirety.  Climb into the Umlaut time machine back to those raging days in The Bay Area when larger than life humans like Paul Baloff and Toby Rage walked the Earth.

Fun stuff, right?!  Click HERE to download a .PDF of Slay Team #2 [the file is 2.5MB]. 

There is also a lesson here (besides the one about violence of course):  The lesson is that even though kidz like Lizzy and Umlaut (and MANY others) listened to Metal bands like Exodus (and Slayer.. and Venom.. and Mercyful Fate.. etc. etc.) at young impressionable ages we grew up to be responsible adults who haven't murdered anybody (at least not that I know of..).  Fast forward to 2014:

  [Photo courtesy of Photo Ray]

Pictured here are Slay Team comic artist and creator Lizzy Green (!), Umlaut, and Lisa Holt.  Friends for over 30 years and counting!  A-MA-ZING.

"You won't hear a sound until my knife's in your back... from the Exodus attack.."