Thursday, March 16, 2006


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club -
The Fillmore, S.F.
March 15, 2006

The last time I saw BRMC six months ago I wasn't into their new Folkie / Bohemian direction at all. Since then the next generation of Hipster Kids have discovered BRMC all over again and The Fillmore was sold out a couple of weeks in advance. The last time they headlined the historic stage 30 months ago they missed selling it out, so good on the lads this time 'round!

For the 4th time, Umlaut was at a BRMC show with Miatomic and Timo.. Of course, The Sheriff was also there to sooth my mind with his flip-flops. Truth be told I only went to this show out of habit. As with so many other bands in the past, Umlaut holds out hope even when a band has lost him with their new "direction". I still care about you, man...

I liked how BRMC's pre-show songs were by artists who they've co-opted for their new sound: Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Donovan, Muddy Waters, Dylan, etc. Thirty months ago when they last graced The Fillmore stage, BRMC sauntered onstage to a song by The Ronettes ('Be My Baby') with Robert wearing a black leather jacket.. On this night they walked onstage to a song by Johnny Cash ('Another Man Done Gone') with Robert wearing a black trench coat. While I'm still suspicious about their sudden musical shift, I must admit the band's iPod must rival Umlaut's. However, the band's sonic shift can be simply illustrated by Peter's haircut:

That being said, I enjoyed this set much more than six months ago. Some of the new songs finally won me over (Hello to my new song friend 'Sympathetic Noose') while others are still shite (I'm talking to YOU 'Gospel Song' and 'Promise'..).. I mean, C'MON! Why does Peter need to trot out a TROMBONE during 'Promise' in order to play ONE NOTE on it. As pretentious as a black turtleneck in North Beach reading Ginsberg over an expresso.

Still, when the band hits the fuzz pedal I'm psychologically right back in their merch line. 'In Like The Rose' and 'Heart + Soul' were the stars of the set IMO.

I also liked how BRMC produced an inexpensive tour CD (featuring unreleased songs) to sell at shows on this tour. Music Geeks LOVE that kinda shit. The CD cost a mere $8 to boot. Nicely done.

By the way, who invited the loud and drunk Irish guys?? St. Patrick's Day was still 2 days away, dontchaknow. I'm sure there's a Sociologist who's done a study on why people stand in a prime spot at a concert, but who then ignore the band and spend most of the show talking. If there hasn't been research done, there should be... and then the behavior should be deemed a capital offense. The same goes for both the person who yells "Freebird!" at a band and the people who laugh at it. Death.

Hmm.. What time did BRMC's crew have lunch & dinner?

As the house lights came up, another Dylan song came over the PA. I can appreciate how BRMC might be trying to school The Kidz in The Classics... but I suspect most of them don't want to be educated 'cause, like, those old guys are, like, so old... you know? But Robert was, like, wearing a really cool black shirt.

As a homage to days now gone, I wore my Vue shirt. Motorhead shirts seen = 1. If you bought one of every BRMC merch item you would have spent $236. On the way back to the car, some pimply-faced teenagers called us fags. The next morning before work I had breakfast in Sausalito with a postcard view of San Francisco across The Bay.. and for a moment I forgot about BRMC's gratuitous use of the trombone.