Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Who Knew!?

Dalia and Umlaut first met over 20 years ago at Y&T shows around the Bay Area and we also shared adventures during the early S.F. Metal Days. We recently got back in touch for the first time since the Reagan Administration (!) and some cobwebs were definitely shaken..

Submitted by Dalia:

Your blog made me think of all kinds of crazy things that I should write about. But I was just thinking of when Metallica played Metal Monday, the first time they headlined, that I recall and Des and I went to the show and I think it was you that took us backstage to meet them and hang out.

Now I always thought it was you that took us back there, but then I ran into Ian a couple or so years ago at a little Anvil Chorus reunion / rehearsal. First time I saw a lot of those people, including Ian, since '84 or so. I thought he said he took us backstage. Anyway, suffice it to say, my memory is shot!

But I think it was you, and we hung out backstage and I had some killer weed that my Dad grew on Potrero Hill, that was deadly and you had to take a really small hit or it would explode in your lungs so I'd always warn people.

Well, obviously, you couldn't warn those guys about anything, but I did, and they laughed at me, of course, and proceeded to take big monster hits and one by one, they went down! Choking and sputtering.

Anyway, then after the show, we all went back to the motel on Lombard and partied and Desiree got them to pull their pants down for a priceless picture. My one little shot is the only copy that exists since Desiree's boyfriend found her copy and all the pictures and the negatives, and threw them away in a jealous fit. Well it was just a disc camera (remember those?) so the negatives were only about an 1/8 of an inch.

[Umlaut remembers that night well.. Although I didn't know about the nekkid pics until now!]

After they came back from recording their album and touring across country and kicked Dave (Mustaine) out of the band, we thought they were through. We thought Dave was the band, I mean they were all great, but you know, he was a huge part of it. So we thought, they blew it, that's it for them. We did go to The Stone show and I got a Metal Up Your Ass shirt, which I still have, all faded and worn to hell, but that was probably the last time I saw them.

I got pretty sick of Metal, the whole scene, around then. I started getting way into The Looters and Big City and the whole World Beat scene. I wanted to dance and be happy!!!

I moved to NYC in '84 and maybe in early '85 I think, I was in the Port Authority bus terminal catching a bus to Jersey when I passed a news stand and there was Metallica on the cover of Spin magazine! I couldn't believe my eyes! And that was just '85!

Years later, I had taken a 5 month backpacking trip through Europe. I returned to NY and sort of got stranded (another story). Anyway, I was staying with a friend of mine who was taking a couple of weeks off of work, so he got me a job as his replacement. He worked at Brockum. What a coincidence, huh?

Anyway, Metallica was one of their artists and people would tell stories about them, including something about their plane.

I said, "HUH?"

They said, "Oh yeah, they've got their own PLANE!!!"

That's when I ate my words about them never amounting to anything after they kicked out Dave. Who knew!!

Umlaut Says: I can't decide what is funnier here in the 21st Century (1) Dalia's dad's lethal homegrown or (2) Metallica pulling their pants down for a picture 'cause a girl asked them to...