Friday, June 06, 2008

Day Of Days 2008

Despite it's somewhat rambling nature, this post shall serve, in its own way, as Umlaut's annual remembrance of The Day Of Days.

Umlaut's record collection contains a variety of different music, but his heart and soul will always be Metal... and it's things like the following that reinforce my metallic leanings.

Decibel is my favorite Metal publication because of its intelligent writing, its insightful choice of subjects for articles (such as the definitive story about the recording of Sleep's Jerusalem album), its sense of humor, and also because the staff knows that Metal fans tend to be intellectual and introspective beings who have more about them than simply loud Satanic music. Case in point is this article from the July 2008 issue:

The article is about the new collection of Bill Mauldin's legendary WWII comics Willie & Joe. I won't bother to educate the newbies about who Bill Mauldin was (Wiki him!)... but needless to say every WW2 Geek like Umlaut knows who I'm talking about. I bet Steve Harris has already ordered his copy.

"Your task will not be an easy one. Your enemy is well trained, well equipped and battle hardened. He will fight savagely."

Ironically, on The Day Before The Day Of Days, Umlaut received the copy of MOH: Airborne that he'd ordered.

Which way is Sainte-Mère-Église? Those who fail to learn from History are doomed to listen to crap music.. Speaking of which, the night before The Day Of Days it was:

The Fillmore, San Francisco
June 5, 2008

This show was brutally sold out in advance.. Not bad for a virtual band! Dethklok are WAY more brutal than that other virtual band Gorillaz... WAY.

Timo picked me up at 8:50PM.. However, on Fillmore St., a block from the venue, we encountered an SFPD roadblock... So we drove around to Geary and when we turned the corner we encountered several SFPD cars, a fire truck, AND a PG&E truck parked in front of The Fillmore... as well as dozens of people, all dressed in black, milling around out front. Not a good sign.

After scoring a parking space we walked up to The Fillmore's entrance and were told the show was cancelled due to "power outtage issues". WTF.. I called Takoyaki to tell her the show was cancelled and she was, like, "WTF" too.... WTF!

It was also hella windy, dude. .. HELLA WINDY!! On the way back to the car, some pimply-faced teenagers called us fags. Timo drove me back home and I walked back into the house at 9:46PM. At 10:29PM the local news reported that an electrical fire had broken out in The Fillmore during the opening band's set and the sold out venue had been evacuated!! Wow... Umlaut and Timo missed being caught up in the action by mere minutes.. Cue scary memories of The Great White Fire dancing through my head.

Virtual WW2 combat... Virtual Metal band... Hmmm.. It's a good thing the red wine I'm drinking as I type this isn't virtual... and I'm happy Timo and I missed The Fillmore Fire drama... 'cause no one likes to shove women and children out of the way in order to save their own skin... unless it's necessary of course.

Postscript: Dethklok posted a message on their website regarding The Fillmore early on the morning of The Day Of Days:

Friday, June 06, 2008


Last night June 5th a small electrical fire stopped the DETHKLOK show from happening- everyone was evacuated safely and most importantly NO ONE WAS hurt.

The band was ready and excited to play especially because the Fillmore is an amazing and legendary kick ass venue. Ultimately the cops/fire department deemed the situation unsafe to perform and cancelled the show- not the band, not the venue but the cops. The band was incredibly disappointed to find they couldn't play. But again most importantly NOBODY GOT HURT.

The people in suits are trying to find out what to do- hopefully there will be a rescheduled show. do please check with THE FILLMORE'S website as they will be posting news as it comes to them.

Thanks to all the fans who remained incredibly cool, collected, and understanding during a possibly dangerous situation.


Charles Offdensen